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MAMEoXtras 10th Anniversary Year Release 2 (new update)


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MAMEoXtras 10th Anniversary Year Release 2
by arcadez

New games now supported
Angler Dangler
Marble Madness II
Megumi Rescue

Games fixed and now playable

Games with graphical improvements
R-Type Leo

Games with sound improvements
Tough Turf (Japan)

General Fixes And Improvements
Added invincibility flashing effect to R-Type Leo [Haze, arcadez]
Fixed broken graphics and colour cycling effects in R-Type Leo [arcadez]
Added Megumi Rescue to the Sega System E driver [Haze, arcadez]
Added support for the super rare Atari prototype Marble Madness II to the batman driver [Mame Dev, FBN Dev, MAME2003+ Dev Team]
Added support for Angler Dangler to the decocass driver and fixed Zeroize at the same time [Mame dev, arcadez]
Added Hypernoid to the NeoGeo driver [arcadez, KMFDManic]
Fixed sound and music and added missing speech support for the Japan version of Tough Turf [mahoneyt944]

New roms included in the download.




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