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Any chance of one libretro Raine core ?


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Today an 14,3 MB not is big, but comparing with win version is an big file size.
Not problem for some users.

Oh yes is good have an OS updated because avoid problems with dependecies and software are in less size.

About analog input I use only for some games not exactly about analog input data.
PS3 controller digital pad not is exactly good how was the PS1-PS2 controllers.
Having option to configure and use analog and digital pad at same time is good because when you play Metal Slug use the analog pad and KOF in same gameplay use digital pad for somes attacks and analog with characters using charger attacks (move to one side for an time and after to other side with button).
Thus not need change all time the player move between analog and digital.
Your Raine more recent version allow play with both analog and digital.
That's very good 😃

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