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MAMEoXtras 10th Anniversary (new update)


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MAMEoXtras 10th Anniversary

by arcadez


new games now supported

Come Back Toto
Dice - The Dice Game
Master's Fury
Oriental Legend Special (ver. 101, Korean Board)
Snow Brothers 3 - Magical Adventure
Xeno Crisis (Neo Geo MVS)

games fixed and now playable

Chouji Meikyuu Legion
Dragon Bowl
Legion - Spinner-87
Momoko 120%
Operation Wolf
Thunder Hoop
Tokio / Scramble Formation
Under Fire

games with graphical improvments

1945k III
Armed Formation
Big Run (11th Rallye version)
Buggy Challenge
Chouji Meikyuu Legion
Crazy Climber 2
Dragon Bowl
Dragon Master
In Your Face
Kodore Ookami
Legion - Spinner-87
Magical Crystals
The Legend of Kage
Terra Force
Twin Action

games now with improved sound

Air Buster
Dragon Bowl
Pack 'n Bang Bang
Twin Action

Operation Wolf C-Chip simulation

Reverted back to an older but more stable c-chip sim from MAME98 to prevent the game crashing on level 2 (end of level boss) and
on level 6 (final boss sequence).

Taito Protectio MCU

Added the protection mcu to the following game which is now playable and 100% emulated..

Tokio / Scramble Formation

General Fixes And Improvements

Games Fixes and Improvements

Added Bryan McPhail's C-Chip sim code for Operation Wolf from MAME98 and modded it slightly so the final end boss and enemy has located you mini levels can now be played [arcadez]
Rolled back the Taito_x driver back to MAME72 to fix missing and or broken graphics in Superman and Twin Hawk [arcadez]
Sorted some sound niggles in Twin Hawk which would occur when the screen gets fairly busy [arcadez]
Support a new and improved priority prom for in Your Face in the megasys1 driver which fixes the previously broken mini game and some other graphical issues [dink, arcadez]
Fixed level four crash in Thunder Hoop and continue screen text distortions in Squash due to previously unknown refresh rate protection in both games [MAME Dev Team, arcadez]
Fixed graphical priorities in Thunder Hoop by using bigkarnak video update call [dink, arcadez]
Added support for the MVS version of Xeno Crisis to the Neo Geo driver [arcadez]
Added fake gunsights for Under Fire game now playable [mahoneyt944]
Fixed some graphical niggles in Dragon Master and added support for Master's Fury to the drgnmst.c driver [arcadez]
Backported some fixes for a couple of games in the armedf.c driver garbage sprites covering the entire playfield in Legion and a timer crash bug in Kodore Ookami [arcadez]
Added sprite clut cycling colour effects for all games in the armedf.c driver fixes red ninja display in Kodore Ookami and makes Armed Formation etc etc look far prettier [arcadez]
Fixed sound in Dolmen and Twin Action then sorted an mcu simulation issue in Task Force Harrier [grant2258]
Improved road vs scenery priorities meaning you dont see things that should be hidden behind the hills appearing all over the road in Jaleco's Big Run [arcadez]
Fixed some graphical problems where the colours were wrong on level 3 and half the screen was missing eg rendered black in Buggy Challenge [arcadez]
Added support for Dice - The Dice Game a bootleg of the undumped DiceDiceDice by IREM to the M90 driver [arcadez]
Added a new protection simulation to pgm.c so that Oriental Legend Special - Xi You Shi E Zhuan Super (ver. 101, Korean Board) now works in this core [arcadez]
Hooked up the M68705 protection MCU for the official Taito USA version of Tokio / Scramble Formation game now playable [dink, arcadez]
Fixed some graphical priority and screen display area niggles which affected The Legend Of Kage [arcadez]
Fixed missing adpcm sound effects in Pack 'n Bang Bang and hooked up the sound correctly for Blood Warrior [arcadez]
Added support for a special sprite effect to kaneko16 video used by Magical Crystals on the first boss [arcadez]
Added a missing graphical sprite effect which handles enemy damage flashes in 1945k III [arcadez]
Better balanced the sound in Kaneko's Air Buster [arcadez]
Fixed palette colours in Ambush [mahoneyt944][/quote]

new roms included in the download.








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