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Question about Raine 0.91.9 for DOS


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There's two versions of Raine 0.91.9 for DOS. rainead-0.91.9 and rained-0.91.9. I would assume "rainead" is one with ASM core, and "rained" is one with C core. However, when I launch the rainead version and look at the raine.cfg file it generates, I can see it still says "language = C" Under the "[General]" tag. So which is it? Is this actually using ASM core or not? Any help here is appreciated in helping me figure this out. Thanks!

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Arf, you made a mix of everything here ! ;-)

Nope, it's a for allegro, normally the dos version uses seal for its sound, but since some people reported issues with it, I tried with allegro for testing.
For a soundcard from around 2000 or before you'll have better chance with seal, but for something more recent this version might work better, not sure.

The language = C is nothing like that, this setting is just ignored by the dos version anyway, it's the international language used, C means no locale, and in this case it falls back to english. There is no translation in the dos version anyway, I don't think the libintl is supported in dos... ! (well actually there are still the very old translation files from before 2000, but they were made totally differently, and don't use the notion of locale at all).

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