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  1. I'm not getting that command line issue. It says it can't find the game and shows another dialogue box with possible name matches like usual. It's definitely not crashing. Did you fix it already?
  2. I don't have any clue what Fail Gate is, but thanks for sharing. lol
  3. For anyone curious, this is what the game is supposed to look like when it's fully working. Hopefully MAMEdevs will fix it up, and we'll get a fully playable game. I
  4. I could never figure out how to get that download site to work. lol
  5. Wow, this is great. Thanks for sharing.
  6. It's in Options->Interface Settings->Display info on tab (It's a drop down menu).
  7. When I have "Display info on tab" turned on (All), and press the tab key, it gets "stuck" in the info window, all the text in the info window appears to be selected, and I can't press tab to switch to anything else. Any idea if you can fix this? Thanks.
  8. Oops! Thanks for clearing that up for me. I've been using Raine since the DOS days, so I thought it would be fun to try it one more time. I've also used Allegro and honestly never had a problem with it's audio detection or usage in DOS mode.
  9. There's two versions of Raine 0.91.9 for DOS. rainead-0.91.9 and rained-0.91.9. I would assume "rainead" is one with ASM core, and "rained" is one with C core. However, when I launch the rainead version and look at the raine.cfg file it generates, I can see it still says "language = C" Under the "[General]" tag. So which is it? Is this actually using ASM core or not? Any help here is appreciated in helping me figure this out. Thanks!
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