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Weird bug with inputs in Marvel Super Heroes


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Hey Tux! I'm experiencing a weird bug with the inputs in Marvel Super Heroes. I cannot perform a specific command with Shuma Gorath when I'm facing left (P2 side). The command is press back for 2 seconds, then forward + any kick button. Shuma Gorath should transform himself into a ball-like creature and perform a rolling jump forward in the air leaving some replications of him. You can see this move many times in this video, for example, in the first round after the K.O.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqggeCP_G68

You can also use the same command (charge back for two seconds, then forward) with any punch button. The character should throw forward a ring made of eyes.

These moves work perfectly when the character is facing right (P1 side). I've tried it with other emulators and the move works normally there in both sides, which confirms it's an issue in Raine. I've also tried performing them with the keyboard but it didn't work either. Never seen an issue like that before.

Anyway, I hope you can reproduce it if you ever play with Raine again. It's not hard to perform I guess. If you have ever played any Street Fighter games, it's the same command as Guile's Sonic Boom.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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Yeah me neither, I don't see how something could work when facing right, but not when facing left !

No promise here, I won't test that for now, that's sure !

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