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Easier inputs For King of Fighters and other NEO fighters


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This is actually why I came to this board, for any info on this subject.

The number of times I have made what seems to be the perfect motion on my pad and the move fails.
Then there are the complex moves, sometimes I have a 1 in 10 chance of pulling them off.

Like KOF94, with Kings double strike

-O O- -O \ | B/D
               O O

if it could be changed to
| \ -O x 2 B/D it would be much easier

A moves editor, to change inputs to whatever you need would be an incredible addition to raine.
Or some way of simplifying move commands as with this program

softstick mod

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There are already ways to save inputs configurations, to assign a combination of inputs to a single input, so that's quite enough already.

For kof inputs, mer-curious is the expert around here, so he might have some advice here. And editing the inputs in the rom would be too complex.

Ok cps2 seems to work, it's much easier than neogeo because all the drivers use the same standard to pass commands, and there are directly voices in the chip and they seem to always use voice 0 for the main music, so I added something quick and it should work for all cps2 games...
The only little problems : the tempo is not right when testing a song in the gui, but it's just for testing so it's not a really big deal, and the number of songs per driver is unknown, but the game still detects the number of the last song received, and it's displayed correctly in the sound commands dialog.

By the way by default when you add an association from the gui, it doesn't loop, you must just choose manage associations after that and check the box where you want a track to loop.
I might release a quick binary later today (still with sdl 1.2).

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