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Raine 0.91.11


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I hadn't planned to release this one, at least not now, but heh, I had an interesting fix for mer-curious and he has waited quite long for it, so... anyway here are a few of the changes :

 - sound associations fixes for kof98/99/garou and aof3, see mer-curious post
 - big toaplan2 update finally. Changes for the romsets : batridera becomes batriderja (mame name), added batsuguna (which is the old batsugun we had before if I remember correctly) and batsugunsp (which is really a special version and not a stupid clone), bgarreganv which was supposed to be a new version of battle garegga, but good luck to find what's changed inside, also bgareggat2 which is supposed to be "type 2", same comment, and bbakraidja which was the old bbakraid. kgpe becomes kingdmgp, same game but different crc for the rom and official mame name, comes with cheats so it's better. sstriker had been mistakenly removed from the list of drivers so it's back, with a new clone, sstrikerk. Also batrider and bbakraid gain the biggest region switch ever seen in raine with 25 countries inside ! Not 25 languages though of course, it's japenese or english for the language, but it's still impressive ! Also there are some new fixes for batsugun inside to handle the graphical glitches, it should be ok until the end of stage 3 if I remember wel, the big boss here is still too black but it's much better than before anyway !
 - peekaboo didn't run in 64 bits, specific problem to the emulation there, it's fixed but there are still emulation problems.
 - added new clone tetristh which is like tetrist but on some different taito hardware (taito h), but it's exactly the same game though, it's more a curiosity.
 - new cheats for the new clones, kingdmgp, tetristh, batsugunsp, sstriker (it's not a clone but it was gone !).
 - you couldn't disable the shaders without quiting in this 0.91 version, fixed now (at least in linux, but probably in windows too).
 - fixes again region switch for lots of games which got broken when changing something else lately. The list of affected games is big, found out for syvalion.
 - avoid deleting a rom when downloading with curl : if trying to get a clone which doesn't exist on the server but it is on the disk without its parent, then the clone was deleted ! Now it's not at least !
 - makaiden didn't load its correct gfx rom, so it looked exactly like its parent (very old bug since 2010 !).
 - And some big source changes to make rom structs more readable and a little smaller, it should have been done long ago, but there is always something else to do... !

Yeah I know it makes a big list of changes just for 0.91.11, I wanted to release this later as a 0.92 with more changes inside, but you'll get this now instead ! See the download link at the top of the page (thanks Rob !). In case you miss it : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html

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Hey Tux! Thanks for this new release. I've posted feedback on the sound associations fixes in the dedicated topic.

I don't know if this is an issue, but I have Raine setup with a directinput controller, and I also have a x360 controller. When I have the x360 controller plugged to the PC, Raine replaces my config with the xinput, and my dinput bindings become the player 2. So I have to rebind my dinput pad again to the player 1 and delete them from the player 2. Another solution is unplug the x360 from the PC before running Raine.

Is this an intended behavior for the inputs system, that is, it gives priority to xinput pads, regardless of your previous config?

Thank you again for any help. 👍

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Not sure about this, I don't use any fancy inputs here, I just have an old ps3 gamepad which works well but with a special driver in windows though.

I guess the inputs would be better with sdl2, but there is a ton of unwanted changes to make to have this, so it's not going to happen soon...
Normally you should be able to solve this by switching to custom inputs then save the inputs, say to directinput and x360 and then load the inputs you need when you need them. Sorry for the inconvenience otherwise, can't think of anything else for now.

See the assocation thread, it's updated !

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5 hours ago, Tux said:

Normally you should be able to solve this by switching to custom inputs then save the inputs, say to directinput and x360 and then load the inputs you need when you need them. Sorry for the inconvenience otherwise, can't think of anything else for now.

Yeah, I think it's related to the way Raine sees the connected pads in the PC. It binds the commands of P1 for the first pad it sees, and since the first in Windows is the xinput, it associates the P1 to the x360 controller and all my previous associations for P1 with my dinput pad are moved to P2. I generally use this pad for arcade games and the x360 controller to 3D games.

I guess you'd have to have access to a normal dinput pad to reproduce this problem. I already use custom game inputs but the xinput replaces my config for these games too.

It's a little pain to remap the inputs for all the games I had already them mapped, but I can live with that for now. I could also unplug the x360 controller before running Raine, although it's not something very user-friendly.

Anyway, thanks for commenting on this. 👍

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Might be a way to handle this by the joystick identification, the one which is displayed in the inputs dialog. The idea is save with the controls which joystick is where (what is its number), and remap if the number has changed when the game is loaded. I'll take some more time to think about it, there might be some cases where it's better to disable automatic inputs saving if a joystick is remapped...

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