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Handheld DreamX v1.0 (new release)


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Handheld DreamX
by hcf


Handheld DreamX emulates a lot of old handheld machines from Coleco, Bandai, Tomy, Epoch... plus some vintage electronic games like "MB Simon".

Controls are different for each game, and could be redefined in the second option of the main menu (press Start to get this menu).

But usually, games start pressing the WHITE button or the A button. In a few cases like the Pacman games, we should press Left or Up to start the game.

The normal controls include the 4 directions Up-Down-Left-Right and sometimes one or two buttons (usually A and B). In some games (marked in yellow color) a keyboard is recommended to be able to play.

Pressing BACK the emulator will prompt you if you want to finish the game. Press A to confirm or BACK again to cancel.

Several games have an option in the main menu ("Machine configuration") where you can set different difficulty levels or kinds of gameplay.

Finally, the emulator supports a simple feature to save state. To save state you must press the RIGHT THUMBSTICK (and A button to cofirm, or BACK to cancel), and to load state you must press the LEFT THUMBSTICK (and again, A button to confirm). This is useful because some handheld machines begin the game in a very slow speed (and sometimes it is boring if you are an expert in that game). Saving a state in the moment that the game becomes interesting, makes possible to skip this initial stage.







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