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Is possible to compile DOS version in Win32?


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Hi, i love the DOS version, with the old nice GUI

is possible to compile in windows?  i still use 0.43.4  but i will love to have neogeo, etc


I use raine32 with DXwind, then i can have a nice 3x integer stretch in my 1280x800 laptop, and still use low resolution GUI,   here some screenshots






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There were quite a few dos binaries released since then. Of course you can compile one yourself if you want, you just need to be patient because afaik djgpp was never integrated in any visual something from microsoft (surprise, surprise !), so you need to get it + all the libs, there are less libs for dos than for linux & windows of course, it does less things too.

I cross compile it from linux, there are a few howtos on the web on how to crosscompile for dos from linux, and there is probably something for windows too...

I am not sure the famous 3x modes were released as a binary so I can make a new binary for that if you want, I had planned to test this first on a real hardware, but since the old pc here has lost its hard disk, it's much harder than what I had anticipated and I had to give up on this. At least it works when run in a virtual machine !

Nice custom video modes by the way, it's a windows driver which allows to define some modes like this one, or you did it differently ? I did that too in linux back in the day, but since 0.50 it's more about stretching the screens in opengl, it's not the same, but it's not bad too (and you get the shaders too !).

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Hi,  thanks for the reply!


for integer scaling i use DXwind,   DXwind make any fullscreen software work in a window, and do integer/nin integer scaling

For example, in my 1280x800 laptop,    neoragex GUI scale to a non integer  1.5x (640x480>960x720) but ingame in a 3x (320x240>960x720)

For real play i use a CRT screen with real resolutions, but in my laptop, i preffer integer scaling, even if i lost some aspect ratio



About Raine, i download the source from github,  but I can only see  build for linux, mingw win32 and djgpp MSDOS


if i compile for windows, i will have the new style gui true?   how i can compile in mingw but using the allegro gui?





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Oh, so you would want a windows binary but using the old allegro gui ?!!

Well, there is a define in the makefile for SDL, there is SDL = 1 in each section (mingw32, linux...), so comment the one for you for mingw32 and it *should* try to use the allegro gui. In this case you should also comment out HAS_CONSOLE, because it can't build the console in allegro, which means you will loose all the modern cheats, you'll need the old cheat.cfg file.

If you use allegro you should use allegro 4.x, allegro is famous to be incompatible between its versions and I strongly doubt you could compile a working version of raine with allegro 5, never tried it, but I am sure it's full of incompatibilities.

(and I don't even want to hear about bugs in allegro 5 !)

Good luck, you can post about your success here !

Notice that you can do this integer scaling by hand in raine by editing raine.cfg (raine32_sdl.cfg for the windows sdl version) and setting yourself the screen_x and screen_y, that's if you want a precise scaling while still using opengl.

Otherwise you can use the "normal blits",  then in renderer option choose a scaler (hq2x/3x or scale2x/3x and then in set video mode change to either game resolution, or 2x game resolution. I didn't put 3x here, that's mainly because it's rare in most configs to have a mode matching 3x the game resolution, but it could easily be added.

After testing this myself, I find that modern video cards have such good scalers that it's mostly useless to stick to integer scaling for most games at least. That's my taste at least, but of course it should theoretically be better if using integer scaling, even if it's not obvious usually ! (especially if combined with a shader which improves the image quality)

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To be more precise, you actually loose a lot of things if doing that, assuming you succeed : the gui is linked to the graphics engine used by raine, so you loose the opengl driver, and yuv overlays, you keep only the normal blits, what made the dos days.

Also even if I admit the old gui was nicer, the new one has a lot of advantages :

 - it's usable with a joystick only (or a gamepad) a keyboard or of course a mouse, for the old one you mainly needed a mouse although you could succeed to use it with a keyboard by tracking the keyboard shortcuts, not easy but possible, but impossible to use with a joystick only

 - it's incredibly easier to program, that was my main concern while making it, I wanted something where it's easy to add new dialogs and to update them. There are no coordinates in the new one making everything a lot easier.

 - it adapts to any resolution using the ttf fonts. The old one was made for a low resolution, but only for a low resolution, if using a high resolution it becomes really small which can create readability problems

Also you of course loose all the new dialogs which were created for the new gui only, all these options for negeo/neocd and so on, you loose sdl_sound, so no music for the neocd games.

That's about it, but that's quite huge !


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