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RetroArch 1.7.7 unofficial Nintendo Edition


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RetroArch 1.7.7  unofficial Nintendo Edition
by tabajara

cores available
snes9x 2005

This is my unofficial version of retroarch that i call nintendo edition (lol). I have this build for some time. Initially I had no plans to release because there so many alternatives to play emulators these days. But i know there still a lot of old xbox lovers like me, so I decided to release it. Maybe i have to take out my rose-colored glasses, lol. GB (gambatte) and GBA (gpsp) are very good cores and can run games full speed. Also, there's another 2 cores, nestopia and snes9x2005 plus, but i would not recomend because nestopia xtecuter version and madmab-snes9xbox are much better than the version of this build.

Controls on menu: 'X' button to confirm. 'A' button to go back.
Controls in game: 'Right thumbstick click' to go back to menu.

Note: When you enter on emu, instead of using the load content options go on playlist to see the screenhots. Take a look on the thumbnails and playlist folders to see how the files are named.
You can use this link to generate a playlist.







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