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GriffonLegendX (new release)

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by neobomb


This is my initial Xbox port of The Griffon Legend.


The Griffon Legend is an action RPG with screen-to-screen map. It features
original storyline and design made in 16-bit style RPG's of SNES/GENESIS era.

During gameplay you can see up to 3 bars below your character. The top is
health, the next is attack strength (let it charge to hit harder) and then
spell strength (same as attack). When you learn new spells you will see their
icons in the bottom right corner with a meter below them to show them charging.
When the meter turns orange they are ready for use.

Some history

Originally The Griffon Legend was written in FreeBASIC
using SDL for graphics and FMOD for sound/music. That restricted the game to
be released for Windows only. Now The Griffon Legend is rewritten in plain C
using SDL and SDL_mixer for better portability, the source code is licensed
under GPL2 license (see COPYING). All non source code assets are licensed under
Creative Commons and are copyright of their respective authors.

Xbox controls

DPAD/LStick - Move character
B - attack / select
Y - open/close item menu
BACK - main menu / back
START - Save/Load Screen
RStick Click - Screen Resizer


Lantus for porting SDL, Hyper_Eye for updating it, Syn9 for making the game and Dmitry Smagin for the C port.







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