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A dos version in 2020... !

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I'd say return to the seal one which gives you less problems then.

The dos version had a mixer built-in, you could display it while a game is running, but it's mostly when some specific sound is too weak/too loud, not to tune the whole volume. Max mixer volume does what it says, it just pushes the output to the max, but it's usually already the case. The problems might be because it's a weird brand, I don't know. I can't help you more on that I am afraid !

I liked working a little bit on this too, it brings some memories, and it's fun to have quite a lot of the recent stuff to be at least loadable in dos !

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About the crash when out of memory : it's because of a swap problem with djgpp/cwsdpmi, for some reason it should swap when going over the physical memory, but instead of that it crashes, no idea why, it's specific to djgpp. I investigated about that using the virtual machine, crashes just mean to restart it here, so it's quite quick to test.

If you are interested, there is a workaround : download the cwsdpmi distribution from there : http://sandmann.dotster.com/cwsdpmi/

then run cwsparam in the same directory as cwsdpmi, and when it asks for the swap file, type "" to disable it (really the double quotes, not just return).
Then when it quits, copy the cwsdpmi.exe to the raine directory, and now you should get a nice error message instead of a crash.
I remember seeing djgpp swapping a very long time ago, so it worked at a time, no idea why here it doesn't work, but anyway you really don't want any swap with raine, very very bad idea !

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And finally some "dark modes" as they are called, I added some because I was curious to see if worked in the virtual machine : it doesn't !

I added the 3 most "standard" ones, 640x160 (which uses 640x480), 800x200 (for 800x600), and 1024x256 (for 1024x768), the 3 appear with a prefix "dark " in the list of vesa modes if you already have the corresponding standard vesa mode.

For me the screen is changed indeed I see only the upper half of it, so it's not usable, but it was worth testing. I'll leave it for others to test eventually, trying to load darius in there with "auto mode change" selected automatically takes 1024x256.

I suppose that when it works the modes are darkened because of the video hacks used to display them. For me it's stretched but not dark... too bad !

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Yeah I plan to do that too when I get access again to an old 1Ghz pc I have, but for now it's quite far, it will be later.

I plan to test with univbe too to check if there are some modes where triple buffer can be enabled, for now the only mode which can work for sure is mode-x 256x240, I am almost sure it's possible in vesa, but maybe univbe is required and I can't test this in an emulator...

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Finally I can't test this on real hardware for now, the old computer doesn't have any hard disk anymore and it seems I don't have any working ata hard disk anymore neither !

So game over here, oh well it should work at least, even if it's useful only for these very wide games.

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