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  1. Changed my old soundcard with Sound Blaster Vibra 16(isa) and sound seems to work now, going to test it more when i got time
  2. Hard times yes , i tried all different sample rates , i got the same result 😕 also i tried windows sound system (cause my card is compatible with that) but not working (with the previous latest version the WSS worked ok like soundblaster), don't care too much about tripple buffer but would be nice for sound to work with this version, i see there is a max volume mixer option but i see no difference at all when i enable disable, thanks for your time ! it's nice to see a new dos version even with little problems.
  3. Hi, I run the allegro version and now the sound is distorted on all games (the sounds/music is loud but seems like someone applied too much gain to them).
  4. Hi, i test it today with gfx vesa 2,3 and modx, soundblaster and roms toki, bobble bubble, final fight can't set triple buffering on any mode, in toki the sound/music works but the music have low volume and sound distorted compared to older versions like 0.34 (in 0.64.8 the music is bad too) in bobble bubble the music and sound seems ok but low volume compared to 0.34 version the fps on final fight is not 60frames all the time so it has some skipping frames, the sound and music sounds ok but low volume, when i load some big games it freezes due to little memmory i presume... sometimes if i load a game and then exit to dos the audio turns on and play distorted like static noise even if i'm not in the emulator, overall it works but has some sound problems, didn't have time to test many games,, i'd like to try the other dos version with allegro sound to see if it's better , thx!
  5. I know i need more ram I'll test it as soon as i can and report , thanks again! just for info my specs are : "cpu : IBM 6x86MX PR266 m/b : J-591A Soundcard : Reveal (Aztech) sc400 rev2 (it's with OPL3 , sbpro compatible) gfx cards : diamond stealth 3d 3000 2mb virge/vx pci hdd : 4gb cf card ram : 32 and a gameport joystick with 3 buttons"
  6. Hello and thanks for developing a dos version again! if the dos version is ready i'll try to test it on my dos machine a cyrix 266 with 32mb ram is there a link to download it? i can't find it at the downloads page.
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