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Changes to the release schedule


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MAME release schedule:

Sunday before the last Wednesday of the month - freeze applied, release branch created.

The  next Wednesday - MAME released (built from the release branch), then that branch deleted.

Meanwhile, developers can continue working, but those changes will appear in MAME a month later.


Recently MAME has not been released when advertised, due to real life matters affecting the release scheduler, mostly due to the effects of the Chinese virus. After seeing what he's had to go through, if I was in a similar situation you wouldn't have seen any releases for months.

However, due to the uncertainties going forward, this is the new timetable:


HBMAME will once again resume its independent status, as per the note on the website. It will be released when it is convenient for me to do so, and not related to the MAME release. The version number depends on the relationship to the MAME freeze. If the freeze has started, then it will carry the new number, otherwise it will carry the current number.


MESS, MESSUI, ARCADE and MAMEUI will be scheduled for release one week after the freeze starts, or as convenient to me. If MAME gets released before the week is up, then these builds will likely be released shortly after. If MAME hasn't appeared after a week, it means nobody knows when (or if) it will come out, and so I'll do my releases anyway.


For all my builds, the source change package (*.rar) will no longer be supplied. Instead, to build your own, you need to pull to the tag directly from github.


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