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SVC,Samurai5,ROTD,Matrimele,Mlug4,Kof2k2 KAWAXPLUS


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You can play also SVC in the same KawaX plus with Samurai Shodow 5 to.

Only have to change SVC using the kof99nd.zip cut the P1 of the original rom to Pc of SVC in 2 parts P1=1048576 and P2=5242880 the rename all parts of the roms like kof99n.zip then correct this on the Default.xbe

0013B6F4- 0000400078619EB4000000000000000000000000

0013B99C- 0000000000006000000000000A000000E89B0D00

0013B9B0- 0000000000001000FADDC7F202000000D89B0D00

0013B9C4- 00001000000050007AF44E270200000000000000


And to the Samurai Shodow 5 rename all the parts of the rom like garoup.zip

then correct this on the Default.xbe

000137BBC- 00000200F764E4BB000000000000000006000000

And to correct the name of the rom that the main menu show go to this part:

000C45F4 in this part is the beginin of the name of all the roms that KawaX Support, You only need to find the one you want to change the first part is the name of the zip file and the second is the name that you will see on the screen of the menu of KawaX this is

When you have the original KawaX you put Kof99nd.zip and in the Default.xbe

kof99nd.?The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle (predecrypted)

You can change ti for this and also change the name of your rom to svcplus.zip

svcplus.?SNK VS CAMPCOM PLUS ( MAXXXKKK s Edition )


Note: All this function Using a Default.xbe of Kawa-X Plus and for the Hexa Editor use Hex Workshop V4.10

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