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Beebem Wii v0.1 : BBC Micro emulator


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Beebem Wii : BBC Micro emulator
It's a computer by Acorn Computers released in the 1980s.
by wiimpathy

What was the BBC computer

this was a desktop computer that was in most British schools for about a decade - the BBC, the broadcaster, wanted to tie in a teach-the-public-coding T.V. series with hardware people could directly code on.
More interesting titles include
Elite - the first free-roaming universe, from a time when software came on 5 1/2" floppy discs and went "bip" - iterations of this game are still hugely popular and in active development
Thrust - Incredibly resposive gameplay, regardless of the era - people play a later freeware version of this to battle online.
These and other titles represent the birth of big international software houses - so if you want to see how now familiar ideas evolved, look at popular BBC titles
There are extensive amounts of code written for it - all of it archived, game reviews too.



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