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HBMAME 0.197 released


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HBMAME 0.197 has been released.


You can get it at http://hbmame.1emulation.com/



2018-04-25 0.197

Fixed mistake with rom size in kof97s100.

Neogeo: major rename of roms

New Games
- [1943b2] Working hack of 1943
- [dbz2h01] Dragon Ball Z 2 (infinite lives)
- [deathbrdh01] Death Brade (unlock hidden characters)
- [deathsmlh01] Death Smiles (unlock hidden characters)
- [doapph01] Dead or Alive (unlock hidden characters)
- [dinohc] Non-working hack
- [dinopic3] Non-working hack
- [kovassg] Non-working hack
- [mslug3*] 4 new hacks
- [mslug*] Cleanup
- [mslug2*] Cleanup
- [mslugx*] Cleanup
- [olds*] Many non-working hacks

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