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Vice64X v11 (new update)


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Vice64X Commodore 64 Emulator port for XBox v11
by madmab

I went ahead and did a version bump. Three changes in this release are enough to signify one and it's about time anyways!

Thanks to Rooftop we now have support and fixes for the following! Say "Thank You Rooftop"!

* Easyflash cart support now added. There is currently no write support (only works for bank switching). But this will allow you now to play those Easy Flash games that are out there.

* Gmod2 cart support now added. So now you can play those Gmod2 games that are out there on the good 'ol xbox!

* Fixed some mixup in the original core source code that caused problems with the action replay cart and atomic replay cart. It should be working correctly now.

* Added "Cart Reset" to the mappable controls. Useful for cartridge game compilations. The only downside is that it's at the bottom of the emulator definition list.

* Due to too much weirdness with xbox "emulated" refresh rates I've removed the "Always Use Xbox Video Refresh Rate" option and am disabling setting of the "emulated" refresh rate in all emulators.
Don't worry scrolling should be fine when running C64 PAL games on an NTSC video mode.

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