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(NES) Gotta Protectors (new release)


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Gotta Protectors for the nes by ancient.
music by YUZO KOSHIRO.

both english and japanese roms are included in download at the bottom of the post.

original release site.


Hello from Ancient Corp!
This is a special game which was made for the 3 year anniversary of
"Minnade Mamotte Knight", also known as "Gotta Protectors", in English.

This game is distributed in the .nes format.
To play this game you will need to download a NES emulator from the internet.
We cannot guarantee the game will work with all emulators.
Also, we can't answer any questions to which emulator to download and how to use emulators.
Sorry and thank you.

------------------------- What is Gotta Protectors? ----------------------------
"Gotta Protectors" was released on July 28th, 2016 for the Nintendo3DS on e-shop.
It's a throwback to the 8bit, old school style action games of the 1980's for the NES.
Nastalgic graphics, audio done by Yuzo Koshiro, and superb text/translation done by 8-4.
Featuring 6 characters with many particular skills that offer a unique gameplay experience.
It is still a growing title even now and with gratitude, I have made a memorial game called
"Amazon's Running Diet". Because it is completely free, I hope you enjoy it.

---------------------------------- How to play ----------------------------------
Push the start button on the title screen to play.

Control PAD Use to move forward and backwards, to the left or to the right.
A button Press to Jump and hold down to jump high!
B button Press once to kick and double tap for a double kick!
Up + B button Backflip!
Down + B button Slide!

----------------------------------- Water ---------------------------------
The Amazon will lose water in her body while running and the more cake she eats
means the more water she will lose. Bummer dude!

You can rehydrate from getting the glass of water icon. Cowabunga!!!!

----------------------------------- Stage -----------------------------------
This game has 8 stages and will become more difficult with the increase
speed of running while water consumption increases. Do your best and good
luck Amazon girl!

--------------------------- Gameover and result ---------------------------
When you lose all of your water from running and eating cake, the Amazon will become dehydrated
and the game will end.

Your diet result will be calculated by running and cake calories.
I wish your diet good luck...


japanese version




english version


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