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Strange issue with resizing MESSUI (and MAMEUI) as well.


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Recently, I've been having this weird issue on my main computer that renders MessUI completely unusable. When I first try to open MESSUI, it looks like this.




and then when I resize anything, it looks like this




Sometimes, I can resize it in a certain way that it kinda works




but then certain games that I try to play are the wrong ones. I click on Bomberman and it launches Bonk. My setup is a bit unusual admittedly, with me running my desktop at 4k resolution, but then scaling the text up through Windows so I can read it better (use my TV as a monitor). Any ideas what is causing this? Thanks.

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There's no 4k support because I don't have such monitor to test with. Also I don't use Windows 10 (in case you do).


The workaround for the 2nd picture is in the changelog.


I don't see Bomberman or Bonk in your pictures. What system are they for?

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OK I can see the problem with TG16 but it's a side-effect of allowing several different pieces of software to be mounted in different media slots.


What happens is if you choose bombmn94 it loads up a CDROM for that game. Then if you choose Bonk it loads up a Cart for that game.

However the CDROM stays in, and it takes precedence, so it keeps trying to run bombmn94 instead. You will need to click on Media View, and unload the CDROM.

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