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  1. Recently, I've been having this weird issue on my main computer that renders MessUI completely unusable. When I first try to open MESSUI, it looks like this. and then when I resize anything, it looks like this Sometimes, I can resize it in a certain way that it kinda works but then certain games that I try to play are the wrong ones. I click on Bomberman and it launches Bonk. My setup is a bit unusual admittedly, with me running my desktop at 4k resolution, but then scaling the text up through Windows so I can read it better (use my TV as a monitor). Any ideas what is causing this? Thanks.
  2. Vlaphor

    ARCADE 0.177

    ...and now the scaling is gone. No idea what is going on.
  3. Vlaphor

    ARCADE 0.177

    I just fired it up this morning and it looks like it scaled itself....weird.
  4. Vlaphor

    ARCADE 0.177

    The font suggestion has made it usable again, but is there any chance of scaling in the future? I've tried several other versions of MAME/Frontends and none work quite as well as MameFX/ArcadeFX
  5. Vlaphor

    ARCADE 0.177

    I posted this in the wrong thread, so I'll go ahead and post it here. I recently got a 4k monitor, but this is creating a problem with Arcade, and that is the UI is now too tiny to use. I've tried other versions of MAME and their UI scales, but this one (which is the one I liked best) doesn't seem to. Is there a way to get it to scale? Thanks.
  6. I recently got a 4k monitor, but this has created a new problem. MAMEUI is too small to use. I can't read any of the text because it's all so small. Anything I can do about this? Thanks.
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