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MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.189 released

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Use the 32-bit build.


I haven't seen the SW Items problem although a few people have reported it. I cannot fix what I cannot see.


In the Directories, does 'hash' show when you look at the Hash directory?

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Well, in my mame 188 downloaded from Antopisa site, the SW Items tab works fine, however, the SW Files tab doesn't show the files added by the software tab at the properties of each system....Instead some files from the samples and bgfx are shown...Very strange.


Tried to delete some ini files, but the problem is still present.

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SW Files does a few checks and if any fail, it defaults to the emulator directory.


Firstly you have to set up up the Software Files Base directory - this points to the root of all your loose software.


Then for each system (you only need to do the parents) go to the Software tab and add the folder(s) where the software is to be found. It must not be the same as the Base.


So, in my case the Base = E:\DATA and the Software for NES is E:\DATA\Nintendo\nes . As long as they are different and are both valid existing directories, then it should work.

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New last-minute feature added: 10 folders (BIOS, CPU, Dumping, Manufacturer, Refresh, Resolution, Screen, Sound, Source and Year) have been made external. MAMEUI will create and refresh them automatically as needed.


This means that MAMEUI will start up even faster on the 2nd and subsequent uses. The new files can be used as input to MAME's internal UI filtering system.



MAMEUI files can be used in MAME;

MESSUI files can be used in MESS;

HBMAMEUI files can be used in HBMAME (whenever the next release happens).

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