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NeoGensPlusGX v1b07 (new update)


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NeoGensPlusGX v1b07 - A multicore emu. Madmab Edition. A XtecuterX73 and Madmab collaboration.
Emulates - Sega Genesis/Megadrive, 32X, SegaCD/MegaCD, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, MK3 Emulator
Cores - Gens (Neogenesis), Genesis Plus GX, and possibly Meka.

* Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b27. See "Interface Changelog.txt"

* Fixed up detection of redump.org images some more (grrrr).

* Game SFX volume is no longer saved with non CD game configurations for both cores.

* Some tweaks to the allocation/deallocation of various things to help allieve some memory issues (and crashes) for those using the PM3 skin. I personally recommend dumping the PM3 skin, it is a memory hog.

* Genesis Plus GX v1.12b *

* Core updated to all changes up to 06/30/17. See below changelog.


* When copying backward, use memmove instead of memcpy.


* improved 68k auto-vectored interrupts acknowledge cycle timings accuracy (fixes background color corruption in Bubsy).

* fixed Z80 interrupt duration (fixes music running too fast in Bomb on Basic City homebrew).

* fixed 68k cycle counter Power-ON value (verified on real hardware).

* fixed 68k undocumented behaviors for ABCD/SBCD/NBCD instructions (thanks to flamewing for his test ROM).

* minor optimization to 68k read/write handlers

* removed stack access optimizations to prevent unintentional (or intentional) ROM corruption


* improved XE-1AP controller emulation.

* improved control pad emulation (verified on real hardware).

* fixed 4 Way-Play adapter compatibility mode (fixes multitape detection in CD games).


* improved PSG accuracy (fixes high-frequency aliasing noises in Captain Silver, Kenseiden, Phantasy Star & many other SMS games, thanks to Enik for the help).

* optimized Blip Buffer implementation for stereo streams (thanks to David Knight for original idea).

* rewrote PSG core from scratch & replaced deprecated "PSG boost noise" option with optional Hiqh Quality PSG resampling.

* improved accuracy of SN76489 core.

* fixed YM2612 LFO PM implementation (block & keyscale code should not be modifiedby LFO).

* fixed Timer B overflow handling.

* minor YM2612 optimization.

* fixed PSG power-on latched register (verified on VA4 MD1 hardware)


* confirmed register $0A default state on reset.

* fixed spurious 8K-16K VRAM switching when reloading SG-1000 context + minor optimizations.

* fixed Master System II extended video modes sprite parsing (fixes Mega Man 2 demo).

* fixed issues caused by screen width change during active display (Golden Axe 3 intro, Ultraverse Prime).

* improved VDP status timing accuracy.

* fixed Mode 4 sprite Y wrapping in various screen height modes (fixes VDP Test ROM / Fantastic Dizzy).

* disabled sprite rendering during border when borders are not disabled (fixes wrong sprite collision detection in Racer homebrew game when borders are disabled).

* fixed first frame VINT occurrence.

* improved FIFO emulation accuracy

* improved DMA timing accuracy during blanking (verified on real hardware by Mask of Destiny)


* minor changes to CDD status codes.

* fixed AUDIO tracks length calculation when using separated files (WAV/OGG/BIN) with INDEX pause defined in CUE file.

* fixed bootable cartridge (mode-1) corrupting loaded CD BIOS.

* increased CD dive latency (fixes Earnest Evens).

* improved PAL Mega CD timing accuracy.

* CD struct area should only be touched when emulated since it's shared with large ROM (> 8MB) buffer area.

* improved CDD "play" command accuracy (fixes "Snatcher" Act 2 starting cutscene).

* CD timings should be initialized during CD hardware initialization (fixes broken Mode 1 support).

* fixed access to Sub-CPU "read-only" communication registers (fixes Round 5 Boss freeze in Streets of Rage / Sega Classics Arcade Collection).

* fixed WAV file detection to support files generated by Audacity/FFmpeg/libavformat with RIFF header metadata chunks.


* fixed regression introduced with first version of SF-001 mapper.

* improved I2C EEPROM boards emulation.

* fixed large ROM (> 8MB) loading accidentally enabling CD hardware emulation.

* fixed incorrect I2C EEPROM board detection for SRAM-patched hacks (Wonder Boy in Monster World, Megaman - The Willy Wars / Rockman Mega World).

* Correct fix (ROM type field is actually not part of product code).

* enable official bank-switching mapper by default (fixes Sonic VR hack).

* improved SVP memory handlers accuracy (fixes Virtua Racing debug mode).

* fixed SRAM initialization for Sonic 1 Remastered hack.

* fixed SRAM header date.

* adjusted ZRAM access wait-state delay (fixes Puyo Puyo 2 option menu exit).

* fixed 68k read memory handler


* fixed 4MB ROM support.

* improved Japanese Master System I/O chip (315-5297) emulation (verified on real hardware by Charles MacDonald).


* added support for Star Soldier & Pippols SMS Power dumps.

* Neogenesis v25.18b *

* Fixed issue where on bin/cue or Redump Sega CD games.. When pausing the game in game (start) and un-pausing the game then the music would not unpause. (examples are: Heart Of The Alien, Batman Returns, Ecco 1 and 2, Earth Worm Jim Special and Eternal Champions)

* Fixed long standing issue where on cue/iso/mp3 Sega CD games running on a share.. When pausing the game in game (start) and un-pausing the game then the xbox would hang (stuck in a loop). This one goes waaaay back. (examples are: Heart Of The Alien, Batman Returns, Ecco 1 and 2, Earth Worm Jim Special and Eternal Champions)

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