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help me. im a bit lost on MUGEN

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is MUGEN the same program as 2D Fighter Maker... it seems MUGEN looks much better and is easier to process. tell me if they r the same. tell me what their relationship is if u know.

so i finaly got MUGEN to start. but since i had to change screen color something. the game screen appears very small... i think this is the last problem for me other than learning the system.

help me if u know anything about this.

and i dont understand the new character. they say 'data/select.def' what does it mean? if someone can give me the steps to completely add a char id be very thankful as always.


1. making the game screen bigger. i can play the game but its just small

2. relationshaip between MUGEN and 2D Fighter Maker. and can they both use the same sprites char.

3. adding characters. and how to make them

4. how does the GCA work. its a drawing system for MUGEN

5. is there more poeple who struggle with MUGEN or ones who glide like the wind through MUGEN


if u know how please let me know

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click here


I think there is a newbie tutorial here if i am not wrong...


anyway, u gotta edit the.def to add chars...


:( i wish i could give u the full detail myself but it had been a year since i play mugen...heh.

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i finaly understand how to add characters

my problem left is making the screen bigger. and learning how to creat characters.

is MUGEN better or 2D Fighter Maker

thankz for the site devil. got some new characters from it. hope they work

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Wrong forum, thread moved.


Please post things in the appropriate forum where applicable.

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