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  1. this is meant for those who know the system will. i made two maps. my problem is that everytime i renter either floor they retsart all the events in them. how do i end events permantly. and leave those that need not be erase as they r also. how do i make a person say "hello. heres a potion" i recieve the potion. and then make that part gone forever. so that the nest time to talk to them they say only "hello'. and stay that way until i choose to change it. how would this be done. i want to make the 2nd floor door(which is an event) do this as i try to go down to 1st floor... :'a message appears and i fight a monster.":.. after it. i return to the door and the entance only say 'go down' or 'stay'. and forever it will stay that way... no more fighting the creature. even if i re-enter the room. or is that not possible? did i already make this example?... oh will yes i have dedicated myself to RPgmake and MUGEN and others for some days now. constantly. almost 24/7 oh will. nothing inportant to do anywayz ill be praying for ur safe replys on helping me. if anyz
  2. i finaly understand how to add characters my problem left is making the screen bigger. and learning how to creat characters. is MUGEN better or 2D Fighter Maker thankz for the site devil. got some new characters from it. hope they work
  3. is MUGEN the same program as 2D Fighter Maker... it seems MUGEN looks much better and is easier to process. tell me if they r the same. tell me what their relationship is if u know. so i finaly got MUGEN to start. but since i had to change screen color something. the game screen appears very small... i think this is the last problem for me other than learning the system. help me if u know anything about this. and i dont understand the new character. they say 'data/select.def' what does it mean? if someone can give me the steps to completely add a char id be very thankful as always. 1. making the game screen bigger. i can play the game but its just small 2. relationshaip between MUGEN and 2D Fighter Maker. and can they both use the same sprites char. 3. adding characters. and how to make them 4. how does the GCA work. its a drawing system for MUGEN 5. is there more poeple who struggle with MUGEN or ones who glide like the wind through MUGEN if u know how please let me know
  4. oh man... still got qeustions. they say unzip kungfuman into chrs/kfm. i dont nkow what they mean beceause i dont have him zipup. what am i soppost to do. do they mean just drap all his pictures into chars/kfm? what other questions?... if u know RPGMAKER2003. and is a pro at it. let me know cause ineeds a little help on it. aight
  5. GameCop. i know i just posted that today. but funniely and sadly i was in the black sceen of MUGEN agian... and i realize. it asks me if i want to change color size whatever. i press 'Y' and the game for the first time started. i was mad and laughting in my head. it say vs mode and others. but i see only kungfuman;s face. i cant do anything. it wont let me play. help me out. so does this mean that MUGEN is working perfectly. even though i havent added the V1.03 patch. let me know. and if its good. should iadd the patch anyways?... so i download few charaters CAMMY and CHUNLI. but what am i soppost to do. i downloaded some more earlier on in other days but they somehow disappear... (whatha) wondering... is 2D fighter related to this MUGEN. can u tell me is they the same or different. give me some info on them aight. thankz man. i hope u help me out and dam... i downloaded some sprite for 2D fighter maker ealier on. do they work with MUGEN too?
  6. u seem to be a real Cop on this forum. i have a problem with the MUGEN program. (im new at all this creating ur own game thing) i have the 'MUGEN intaller'. i install it. but it wont work. says on black screen "color detph and sothing doesnt work" im using a windows XP. iv heard of the new patch V1.03. i even read the thread u created about it. u say it helps the MUGEN work on XP. but i downloaded the patch. and while installing it. a message at the end says it corrupted. help me out also how do i start the game and all
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