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(mod) GTAVC-SILENT HILL: EXOTICA (new release)


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by gunby a.k.a. the wraith

This is an unfinished mini Silent Hill DLC Beta mod installed onto an old version
of Resident Evil: Exotica. It's the full game, but No missions, Just Free Roam.

This uses a different save than RE Exotica and can co-exist with original
Vice City & RE Exotica. Just clear cache between games.

Be sure to look at Xbox controls in the readme's.


...Silent Hill Chara's & Monsters by Konami
...Additional Silent Hill Monster models by DragonGhost88
...Silent Hill Monster spawning
...James Sunderland & Heather Mason as playable characters
...Foggy weather
...Custom Silent Hill loading menu, Silent Hill Intro videos
...Custom Silent Hill custom BGM playing & looping throught the game
...Silent Hill Siren with change in dark weather & BGM
...Silent Hill 2 story caption text
...Radio Stations replaced with Silent Hill static




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