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PCSXr360 v2.1.1a (new update)


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PCSXr360 v2.1.1a
playstation emulator for jtag/rgh xbox 360.


Here's the change log:

-- Fixed sync game selected between cover modes
-- Added image for Devices
-- Fixed ui freeze (press LT+RT to get back to function properly before)
-- Added Swizzy rom loading data support from aurora now with gameprofile support
-- Re-Added psx.iso autoboot for freestyle dash/ aurora cover mode, now with gameprofile support. You have to put psx.iso in emulator root folder, and psx.iso.ini in the gameprofile folder and set AutobootIso = 1 in pcsx.ini on the emulator root
-- Fixed covermode initial value [cover modes freeze]
-- Fixed profile menu now working with profile setup for each individual game as it was initialy supposed to
-- Emulator assets are now packed into PsxSkin.xzp
-- Fixed LoadGameProfile at current selection so you dont have to press Y button to load gamesettings for booting game profile correctly
-- Fixed game profile loading after exit a game to select new game to play
-- Fixed shaders to re-add it into gameprofile settings instead of another .ini file in gameshaders since it doesnt make much sense
-- Added psedo new OsdMenu
-- Some code cleanups
-- New osdmenu ingame combo LB + RB + ABXY, now you dont need to change freestyle dash screenshot combo anymore
Whats not included in this release yet for the lack of time/ not finished:
-- Html Game Guide
-- Games sorting by first letter
-- 4 player multitap support
known issues:
XUI Issue on osdmenu: if you autoboot psx.iso or load a rom from aurora, it kinda works.. but it will open main scene first then you have to select a game and it will open osdmenu and resume the supposed action. after that you can use it normaly

link(sourcecode included)
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