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Millennium Racer : Y2K Fighters (CDI + GDI)(UNRELEASED)

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Millennium Racer : Y2K Fighters for the sega dreamcast.
an unreleased game that got released today.
thanks goes to everyone involved with this release.

big thanks to Kuririn84 for releasing this.

I want to start by saying that playing this game would not have been possible without japanese-cake. He was able to take the game files, work his magic and get the game running on a retail Dreamcast. Thank you so much for your help, your time, and all you do for the Dreamcast community.

Millennium Racer – Y2K Fighter was developed by now defunct game developers Creat Studio and Cryo Interactive. Millennium Racer is a futuristic racing game, with multilevel tracks. You’re able to jump your vehicle to reach higher or lower sections of the track. The game features a very nice 90’s techno soundtrack. The game saw a full Windows PC release, but there was never any announcement of a Dreamcast port. As far as I can see, Cryo never released a Dreamcast game.

The game files were found on a the HDD of my Dreamcast development kit. Working with another member, we were unable to get the game to boot fully on the Dev kit. I was advised to contact japanese-cake and provided him with the game files. Sure enough, japanese-cake was able to turn it into a working .gdi file. japanese-cake has stated the game is PAL 60hz, region free with VGA. I have tested the .gdi using a VA1 NTSC Dreamcast with GDEMU over VGA, and it runs great!

It’s always exciting when something new is found for the Dreamcast. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Dreamcast community.


image type-GDI


image type-CDI




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