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DesmumeX v0.87 (new update)


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DesmumeX v0.87
by hcf

Nintendo DS emulator for xbox.


release info

This is a release of the improvements made in DesmumeX in 2016. There are 3 main advantages over the previous versions:

1) It is much more stable, due to a better memory management. Games that crashed quickly due to memory leaks, can now be played during much more time.

2) It is slightly faster.

3) It supports HD resolution in the rom list interface: the emulator will autodetect the resolution of your dashboard, and it will use HD or SD in each case. You will maybe need to change a couple of details in your screenshots to take advantage of the high resolution modes (explained in the next section):

DesmumeX v0.87 supports both SD and HD resolution in the rom list interface. You don't need to do anything: the emulator will automatically detect the resolution that you are using in your dashboard, and it will use the proper resolution in the rom list interface too. This is automatic, but you will probably need to make a couple of changes in the screenshots:

The screenshots that you had from old versions of DesmumeX, and also the screenshots included in this release in the "media/artwork/action" folder, are SD images; so they will be small if you begin to use the HD mode. If your Xbox uses HD resolution, you will need to use larger screenshots.

In that same folder "media/artwork/action" I have also included a subfolder with some HD screenshots made by gilou9999. So, if you are using HD resolution in your dashboard, I recommend to take the screenshots of gilou9999 and moving them to the "media/artwork/action" folder, because they look really well! Don't forget that the roms and the screenshots should have the same filename (except the extension).

Besides, DesmumeX v0.87 looks for screenshots with the PNG extension. But if you had old screenshots with the JPG extension, you don't need to convert them to PNG format: you can simply rename the extension from JPG to PNG, and it will work :)

Finally, it's important to know that the emulator automatically selects HD or SD for your ROM LIST INTERFACE... but you can still select your desired resolution for THE GAMEPLAY after you choose a rom to play. So, it is possible to run the rom list interface in HD, and the games in SD if you want (games in SD spend less memory, so in a few cases this could be useful).

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