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(NES) Magic Kid Googoo (new release)


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Magic Kid Googoo for the nes.
this is a release of a game that has never been dumped for the nes.

thanks to everyone involved with this release.




If you like Korean Famicom games like I do, this one should be right up your alley. It's made by some of the guys who went on to form Open Corp (the team that made Buzz & Waldog), and that game's DNA is really obviously present in this one - those same sound effects ripped off from Tiny Toon Adventures, a similar aesthetic, etc. In a lot of ways this game is simpler, but in many others it's actually a way more ambitious game, complete with a shop system, minigames, lots of character upgrades, etc. The ROM size is even twice that of Buzz & Waldog!

download link below.


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