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MAMEoXtras v1.20.u3 (new update)


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MAMEoXtras v1.20.u3
by gamezfan



whats new

Thunder Blade (Now Playable)
Turbo Outrun (Now Playable)
Hangzo (Now Playable)
Super Hang-On (Official Version) (Now Playable)
Limited Edition Hang-On (Now Playable)
A.B. Cop (Now Playable)
Racing Hero (Now Playable)
Super Monaco GP (Now Playable) (Some GFX Niggles)
Galaxy Force 2 (Now Playable)
G-LOC Air Battle (Now Playable)
Power Drift (Now Playable)
Rail Chase (Now Playable)
Strike Fighter (Now Playble)
Action Fighter (Now Playable)
Line Of Fire (Now Playable)
Dunk Shot (Now Playable)
MVP (Now Playable)
Passing Shot (Official Version) (Now Playable)
Undercover Cops Alpha Renewal Version (Now Playable)
Wing War (Now Playable)
Star Wars Arcade (Now Somewhat Playable)
Joshi Volleyball (Now Playable)
Schmeiser Robo (Now Playable)
Fire Shark (Now With Proper Sound)
Vimana (Now With Proper Sound)
Solitary Fighter (Now Playable)
Violence Fight (Now Playable)


Like the Sega System 24 games the newly supported Sega games above take a little
while to bootup after loading this is normal so be patient till they load, i've also removed
the samples for Fire Shark and Vimana as they are no longer required plus this shaves a
fair bit of the DL size.

Huge Taito F2 update many graphical improvements and fixes for the following games.......

Metal Black
Gun & Fronter
Liquid Kids
Super Space Invaders 91
The Ninja Kids
Thunder Fox
Final Blow
Don Doko Don
Mega Blast
Football Champ
Euro Champ 92
Solitary Fighter
Dead Connection
Dino Rex
Drift Out

general fixes and improvements

Fixed some sprite problems in Gunforce II
Fixed a sprite overwrite issue in Ghosts N Goblins
Fixed some graphical niggles in Great Swordsman
Fixed a sprite lag problem in Rohga Armor Force
Slowdown issues are gone in Solitary Fighter and Violenece Fight

links for emulator


link for new roms added to this release
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