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CoinOPS 8 Standalone R5 Happy New Years 2017 (new update)

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CoinOPS 8 Standalone R5 Happy New Years 2017
by britneyspairs

CoinOPS 8 Standalone R5 Happy New Years 2017 Released (for CoinOPS 8 R5 users only as a happy new years gift)

This will update all your favourite SNK games to use both point and shoot commando controls like before but also robotron controls for aiming and shooting....so much fun and never done before anywhere...100 times more intuitive than anything else on the xbox and it looks nicer in HD enhanced and even scanlines....also speed these up as there was slow down in the mame 84 core...ive noticed heaps of games have slow down and can fixed in a new version no more slow mamedox

Overwite and enjoy let me know if you like it and also what games you want like this

also fixes about 10 other drivers with minor glitch's in graphics, sound or dips...these are minor and hard to see..


Forgotten Worlds
Ikari Warriors
Guerrilla Wars
Victory Roads

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