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AbbayeX 1.0 (new release)


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AbbayeX 1.0
by hcf


AbbayeX is a port of the awesome game "L'Abbaye des Morts" for Xbox. It is a retro 2D game created by the Spanish coder Locomalito (he made lots of wonderful games like "Maldita Castilla" too, don't forget to check them out!). L'Abbaye des Morts was later ported to other plattforms like Linux, Amiga, ZX Spectrum... and now it is on Xbox too!

It is an amazing retro style game, with pure 2D graphics (we can select between 8-bit or 16-bit style), chiptune music, and a gameplay very similar to the classical videogames of the 80s (hard gameplay, no savings, and the full game can be beat in one session). It is a really good and addictive game!

D-pad: It controls the character to walk left, rigth or duck (pressing down)
A-button: Start a new game
X-button: Jump
BACK: Exit to the dashboard

Besides, in the title screen you can press white and black buttons to display information of the game, and to toggle 8bit/16bit graphics.

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