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MAMEoXtras v1.20.u2 (new update)


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MAMEoXtras v1.20.u2 Released
by gamezfan


whats new
Alien Storm official version (Now Playable)
Bloxeed (Now Playable)
Bullet (Now Playable)
Clutch Hitter (Now Playble)
Cotton (Now Playable)
DD Crew (Now Playable)
Desert Breaker (Now Playble)
Dynamite Dux official version (Now Playable)
E-SWAT Cyber Police official version (Now Playable)
Fantasy Zone II (Now Playable)
Fantasy Zone Time Attack Bootleg (Now Playable)
Laser Ghost (Now Playable)
Michael Jackon's Moonwalker official version (Now Playable)
Oriental Legend Special/Super (Now Playable)
Photo Y2K (Now Playable)
Puzzle Stars (Now Playable)
Real & Fake (Now Playable)
Sexy Parodius English Version (Now Playable)
Tough Turf (Now Playable )
Where's Wally (Now Playable)


Like the Sega System 24 games the newly supported Sega16 and 18 games above
take a little while to bootup after loading this is normal so be patient till they load

fixes and improvements
Sound and graphical problems in Tough Turf now sorted
Some graphical niggles in Wrestle War are fixed now
Fixed VMM loading for Uncensored Version Of Night Slashers (New Rom Required)
Added Support for the English version of Sexy Parodius (New Rom Required)
Improved Controls in SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative
Ported across from MAME a recent protection fix for Sunset Riders

added new cheats for...
Alien Storm
Desert Breaker
Dynamite Dux
E-SWAT Cyber Police
Laser Ghost
Michael Jackon's Moonwalker

links for emulator(2 links)


link for new roms added to this release.
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