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Changes for MAMEUI 0.180


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MESSUI (full version) will become the new MAMEUI.


This means you will get an extra panel on the right, which adds proper MESS software support.


The panel can be switched off by entering the View menu and turning off the software area.


The panel contains 3 sub-panels.


SW Items: This displays the list of software that exists in the HASH files, for the selected system.

To select and run an item, firstly single-click, then double-click the item. The system will start up with the software loaded.


SW Files: This displays whatever random (loose) software you have which is usually not in a software list.

Again, to select and run, follow the advice as above.


Media View: This displays each kind of software slot and what is currently mounted.

You choose a slot by clicking the little button to the right, and some actions will appear - Unmount, Load File, Load Item.

Load File is the same as "SW Files" above. Load Item only appears if there's a suitable software list for that device, and allows you to choose individual items from a software-list item, and mount it in whatever slot you want (not necessarily what the software-list says it wants).


NEWUI: Provides a windows menu-bar at the top of the running system, to allow you access to commonly-used actions without needing to go to Partial Emulation. You can also load SW Files from here, stop and start cassettes, etc.



Setting Up:

Firstly, it is the usual thing to have individual ini files for consoles and computers, but not for arcade. NEWUI is handy for computers and consoles, but only gets in the way for arcade. We need to set things up so NEWUI and ini-file saving features are turned off or on depending on what system you run.

How are we going to do this? Firstly, we need a place to store ini files, that place will be the ini folder. If mame.ini does not exist, type mameui -cc which will create a default one. Use Notepad to adjust it to whatever you need. Make sure the following settings are changed:


writeconfig 1

menu 1


Now save the file. Copy the file to the ini folder. You'll also see ui.ini, open this with Notepad and make adjustments as needed. Save it. Now move (or copy) it over to the ini folder.

Now, switch to the ini folder. Take a copy of mame.ini and call it arcade.ini. Open it, and delete everything except what you see here. Change writeconfig to 0, and menu to 0. Save it.




readconfig 1

writeconfig 0






menu 0

The next thing is to set up some folders. Start up MAMEUI (first run takes a while). Click on Options, Directories... and make any required adjustments. Set Software File Base to point to the root folder of your loose software. Set Software List Base to point to the root folder of your software-list software. You need to include this folder among the Roms folders as well.

Now you are ready to begin. Press F5 to validate your roms (this can take a long time). Then exit, so that all your settings are saved. Then start up MAMEUI again (much faster this time), and play a game.


How to set up a software base for each system: This only works if you have writeconfig set to 1 as recommended. Right-click on the computer or console, choose Properties, then choose the Software tab. Navigate to the location of loose software for that system and choose it. Click OK until the properties close. Now reselect the system, and any suitable files will appear in the SW Files panel. To make things easier, you only need to set this up for parent sets, and the clones will inherit the setting. Further, in the few cases where Compatible Software setting is populated in the source, just select the grandparent, and all compatible systems will inherit it. Example, for the vc4000 sets, set up vc4000 only. All the other parents and clones will pick up the setting automatically.


More information on ini files (a bit dated, but may help you):




What can cause a crash? MAMEUI is dependent on MAME being well-behaved. Unfortunately MAME has a bad habit of crashing when unusual situations occur, instead of handling it gracefully. Some reasons for crashing:

- Crash as soon as a system is selected. Probably a bad entry in the game's ini file (usually an unknown slot device). Delete the system's ini file and try again.

- Crash when a floppy disk is selected. The code for FD/WD controllers cannot handle floppies that contain more data than expected. Don't use that disk.

- Random crash after trying out a number of different systems. Usually a memory leak. You can try running the same systems from MAME's internal UI and the same crash should eventually happen.

- Crash with unusual random software. MAME often cannot handle everything. Try another emulator of that particular system.

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Hi again, I don't understand at all why to create an arcade.ini file. What's its purpose? Could you explain it more deeply?


Cause I didn't create that file and the new mameui works perfect...It's true that when I run an arcade game, a ini file is created with its name, but this is happening several mameui versions ago...


Thanks in advance.

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