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WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator (new update)


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WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator v19
by madmab

WinUAEX Lite Amiga Emulator port for XBox v18b15 AND WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v19

If you are using Gilou999's AMIGA colours HD skin. Be sure to copy over the skin from this release to your xbox. The synopsis background was updated and some background music was added for Winuaex Lite users!
I also included Gilou999's new background music MP3 withe the AMIGA colours SD skin for those who use that skin.

In cased you missed it the _whdload.hdf file was updated with a now fully enabled freely available whdload drive.
configlist.dat has been modified as well to take into account changes related to winuaex lite. Be sure to copy these over.

WinUAEX Lite Only Changes

* MP3 player for the interface is activated. However there is one caveat. The song will be unloaded on game start (to save memory) and then restarted once the game is exited.

- Be careful with which MP3's you use they can cause lockups if too large. I suggest re-optimizing your mp3's to a lower bitrate if they cause issues.

* Somewhere along the line I disabled cheat codes. Now they are enabled. However if you want to use them you have to go into "Configuration -> Global Emu Specific Options" and enable them. A reload of the emulator is required for it to work.

* Game configurations that had JIT cache set causes crashes in Winuaex Lite so the cache is automatically set to 0 when running Winuaex Lite.

WinUAEX Lite & WinUAEX Changes

* Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b26. See "Interface Changelog.txt"

* Special Note: If you have a winuaex.ini in your emulator folder be sure to delete it (only once). With the new ability to move the "saves" directory having one in there can cause issues. If for some reason you forget to delete it and wonder what happened to all of your settings.. exit the emulator, remove it and then reload and everything should be ok.

* Be sure to read "Interface Changelog.txt" there is a lot of changes in there.

* Support for PAL mode 480x576 added. (see Interface Changelog.txt) for more info.

* Some fixes related to users running in PAL60 and video modes not being set correctly. (see Interface Changelog.txt)

* New options regarding managing game settings (pressing BLACK) and Utilities menu. (see Interface Changelog.txt)

* New alternate "directory" layout for artwork files to make browsing faster. (see Interface Changelog.txt)

* Moved the "Change/Rotate/View Disks" and "Reset Amiga" options to the bottom of the in-game menu.

* Changed text in the game configuration menu from "Video Mode" to "Chipset Refresh Rate".

* Added more options to "Floppy Speed". They now are "100%, 200%, 400%, 800% and Turbo". Because some games, although they don't like turbo, will work fine with 400% or 800%.

* Activated "Default Game Configuration" to make things easier for Amiga fans. There is one slight difference in how this works for the Amiga. The default game configuration will load if a game does not have a configuration. If the game is in the configuration DB this will override the default game configuration. However, don't fret, personal preferences (like floppy volume) will remain untouched. Finally keep in mind that the preset controller settings override Joyport 1 & 2 and Mouse control 1 & 2.

* New option added for "Pixel Perfect" users "Use Offsets From Pixel Perfect Table? (Yes/No). You'll only see it if "Pixel Perfect" is activated. It is located under "Configuration -> Video Configuration -> Game and Text Screen Size/Position".

- This is a new feature that will be added for certain emulators to help center the screen a little better based on a comparison to the real console. The Amiga is a little different in that it has several different screen sizes (video modes) thus it is important to pick the appropriate video mode for the game you are playing.

If you are willing to do such then I suggest activating the feature. If not it may be easier to stick to "Full Screen" with "Clip Excess Borders" set to "Yes". Or consider using 720p at all times.

This feature mostly benefits PAL60 users. Below is a list of example games and recommended video modes.

640i: Thundercats, Wolf Child
720x480/720p: Batman The Movie, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Custodian, Zynaps, IK+, Buggy Boy
640x576: Alien breed, Doofus
720x576/1080i: Pinball Dreams, Ice Runner

Keep in mind that disks that have cheat menu's, scene intro's and the such may not quite fit. But once you get into the game proper things look nice and pretty.

* Automount of disks for unconfigured games.. It supports the following diskname format.. "Gamename disk1.adf", "Gamename diskA.adf", "Gamename (disk 1).adf" and "Gamename (1).adf". Please note that not all of the games from the Amiga starter pack will auto disk mount due to differing naming conventions.

* New in-game menu option added to allow the user to change the "Chipset Refresh Rate" between PAL50 and PAL60. For those who wish to do so just go into "Configuration -> Global Emu Specific Options" and enable the option. The menu will only appear if you are running in 640x576 or 720x576 and the chipset refresh rate for the game is set to PAL.

* Fixed issue where keyboard opacity was not able to be increased.

* Floppy volume can now be set between 0% and 100% in increments of 5%.

* This is strictly internal.. but I added versioning to game configs to make things easier down the line when I add things.

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