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MessTrex - A GCE Vectrex Emulator port for XBox v3 (new update)


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MessTrex - A GCE Vectrex Emulator port for XBox v3
Based on a7800x MESS core which is based on Mess 0.107
by madamb

What's New:

Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b25. See "Interface Changelog.txt"

* Special Note: If you have a messtrex.ini in your emulator folder be sure to delete it (only once). With the new ability to move the "saves" directory having one in there can cause issues. If for some reason you forget to delete it and wonder what happened to all of your settings.. exit the emulator, remove it and then reload and everything should be ok.

* Be sure to read "Interface Changelog.txt" there is a lot of changes in there.

* Support for PAL mode 480x576 added. (see Interface Changelog.txt) for more info.

* Some fixes related to users running in PAL60 and video modes not being set correctly. (see Interface Changelog.txt)

* New options regarding managing game settings (pressing BLACK) and Utilities menu. (see Interface Changelog.txt)

* New alternate "directory" layout for artwork files to make browsing faster. (see Interface Changelog.txt)

* Hi-Res overlays have been optimized by Gilou9999 so that they will load in both cores.

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