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CoinOPS 8 Standalone R2 (new update)


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CoinOPS 8 Standalone R2
by britneyspairs

The final XBOX instalments have started there release....these are refined versions that update many items

100s of arcade games now play faster
100s of arcade games have control, graphic and sound updates
New Arcade Games
New Console Games
Added functionality
Dragons Lair & Space Ace are now in HD and enhanced
Amiga is now single discs and no nag screens
Spectrum is updated
Commodore 64 is updated
Killer Instincts are enhanced
Many bugs removed

OK this has some added games in the supported list like Cross Swords 2 and others....
This has a few bugs fixed...eg as I moved 100s of games from the .84 core to the .72 core while keeping there .84 driver to speed up heaps of games I didn't enable the skip prom missing error...this is now fixed and would effect 1 game or 2..

Note to fix Lite you can just use the new oldcore.xbe to keep the file size down this will fix only one game that is 64 street giving you a known prom issue on boot press any key to get by....but it has a lot of fixes like more graphics, more dips....and now 60 frames a sec....

1000s or so new games to the supported list...now 25,000 game supported...some games fixed like Operation Wolf...some other bug fixes for the Arcades...and now with an auto tidy up code for anyone experiencing upgrade issues....

3 link download
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