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Lock On (New Mame Game)


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This is a video of Lock On, a horizontal shmup from Philko which we believe to have been released in 1991.

Very little information was available about this game prior to a board surfacing a few days ago; thanks to 'marcus' for dumping his PCB so that it was possible to emulate it.

The hardware is basically bootlegged from Sega's System 16 (with some significant changes) and features the distinctive Sega sprite system. This isn't too surprising because 2 of Philko's other games run on boards that are close to the System 16 hardware, albeit without any sprites and other enhancements in those case.

The first part of the video is the attract mode, the 2nd part is me attempting to play it (badly)

Sound emulation etc. might not be 100% because the clocks on the PCB and pin state of the OKI M6295 chip which controls the clock divider have not been verified.



link for rom


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