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How to...1280x1344+scanlines+fullscreen+nearest ?¿


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You made me curious so I found a very old puzzled cd I had and tried it. Well bad news for you it worked out of the box the 1st time I tried it without doing anything special. I used the latest released 0.64.10 version, it's a system with only 1 dvd drive, no cable from the drive to the soundcard so I hear no music in linux but the music works fine in windows. The only bug I noticed is that when returning to the gui in the middle of the game the cd music is not stopped, it's stopped when quitting raine though, so it's not really a big issue, just an annoyance.


Well absolutely no idea what you did, the message you get about mpg123 doesn't make anysense, mpg123 is used to decode mp3s, these functions are not even called when reading an audio cd, so I am clue less here. All I can say is that it works here.

I should eventually try to pause the music when returning to the gui then... !


Actually there was an even bigger bug than that, the track played was wrong because the data track is just ignored by sdl ! So I fixed that, but audio cd support is very primitive in sdl, you can't tell it to loop a track, there is no way to know the position being read in the track, and in windows there is absolutely no control on the volume the music is played at, which quite breaks the sound balance here.

There might be a workaround for the volume, but it would be windows specific, not the kind of code I like here...

So I strongly advice against using a real cd with raine !

But at least the next version will play the correct track if given an audio cd ! The music is too loud but except that it's not bad (and you can always adjust the audio cd by using the real windows mixer !).

For the music not being paused, I am not sure of the reason yet, with puzzled it doesn't pause the 1st time you return to the gui, but after that it pauses correctly so it's strange, and I can't reproduce that in linux of course so I'll have to debug this more.

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Hum, I think I know what happened, you used a game with lots of files in it and some of them containing numbers. raine tries to find an audio file 1st when it needs one and if it finds a file with a number in it it will try it. Which makes no sense here when reading directly the game files, so I added a work around for that.


But reading a cd directly is totally unreliable with sdl, sometimes the cd is not paused when it should, sometimes it doesn't resume, you don't know the exact reading position, and no control on the playing volume.

It's barely usable, but anyway it should work better in next version.

Ideally this should be replaced by direct access to the audio tracks data but I am not sure it's possible with a cross platform solution... So I think I'll just keep sdl for now, and simply advice not to use real cds directly !

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