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(NES) Wonderland Dizzy (UNRELEASED)


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the oliver twins have released the unreleased nes game wonderland dizzy.this game has never appeared on any other console.
thanks goes to everyone involved with this great release.

Like many of the Dizzy games ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System, Wonderland Dizzy is an enhanced remake of a previously released Dizzy game – Magicland Dizzy, albeit with an Alice in Wonderland theme, replacing the prior game's Sleeping Beauty theme. As in Magicland Dizzy, the aim of the game is rescuing the other members of The Yolkfolk who have been placed under spells by the Evil Wizard Zaks, however Wonderland Dizzy allows the player to play as Dizzy, Daisy or control both characters.

Wonderland Dizzy was previously rejected for The Excellent Dizzy Collection.

fully story here,worth a read.

official site


link for rom,play on any nes emulator.
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