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MAMEoXtras v1.18 (new update)


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MAMEoXtras v1.18
by gamezfan


new in this release
Denjin Makai (Now Playable)
Led Storm Rally 2011 (Now Playable)
Chase Bombers (Now Playable)
Midnight Resistance Joystick Bootleg Version (Now Playable)
Fixed the random crashes in Gun Master (Game Now Fully Playable)

Please Note Chase Bombers plays a bit slow on a standard xbox to get this game upto
a decent playable speed goto options look for Framerate Throttling and disable it just
remember to enable it again when not playing chase Bombers so some of your other games
dont run too fast.

remember and delete your old mameoxtras gamesave before playing this new update.

new roms included in the download




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Thanks for this Fu!

Quick question; Sometime ago, Fujiyama Busters/Shogun Warriors was updated onto FBL on xbox, I readed on Emuxtras that jackie Chan Fists of Fire was playable on Trusty Xbox.

Can Blood Warrior (sequel to Shogun Warriors) be made playable on a subsequent pack? Would it need extra trusty memory?


Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

BTW Off topic:for the life of me, I CANT register on Emuxtras. WHY?

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as far as i know blood warriors is already playable in mameoxtras.


Blood Warrior (Now Playable with a little background glitches)


THANKS! Just played it last night! Performance just falls a BIT off the 60fps mark (goes as far as 50) but its VERY playable. I used to play this a lot with friends at our arcade believe it or not.


BTW what would it take to put it to work without the graphic glitches? And can the performance be improved?


Also there are some audio glitches, like voices delayed or sounds in places where they should not be, etc.


Thanks again Fumanchu!!!

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