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XVectrex Version 2 (new update)


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XVectrex Version 2
by madmab

Xvextrex - A GCE Vectrex Emulator v2

* Emulator has been "Madmab'ized" and now has all the benefits that come from using the x-port/madmab interface including. Xtras support, Pixel Perfect, Cheat codes, remappable controls, blah blah blah.

* We can now turn on/off the overlay and analog stick support in per game configuration.

* Improved the vector drawing even more (actually all I did was figure out how to get some of the vector drawing code from Vectrex SDL to work on the xbox).

* Implemented save state handling. This also means that rewind works as well.

* Just like with Messtrix the BIOS ROM is selectable now between "Default", "Fast Intro" and "Skip Intro". Remember some games/homebrew do not like "Skip Intro".

* Better overlay support (clearer).

* Some speed improvement in the Vectrex emulation. Like it really needed it. :P

* Issues *

* Not 100% sure but I saw comments from emulator coders that the vector drawing code is off just enough to make some of the overlays not line up correctly.

* Still no DAC sound support. Unlikely to happen in the XVectreX core.


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