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MessTrex V1b02 and XVectrex v1b1 (new update)


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MessTrex V1b02 and XVectrex Version 1b1
by madmab

release info

MessTrex Readme v1b02
Based on a7800x MESS core which is based on Mess 0.107 (yeah I know.. old!!)
* features *

* Added in overlay support. Set "Use overlay" to Yes in the game configuration menu.

Note: The previous archive contained overlays which you can remove now. The new archive has the overlays split into two directories. "lo-res" for standard xbox's and "hi-res" for Xbox's with more memory.

* Between overlay support and MESS's dirty buffer allocation memory is a bit tight. So I disabled software filters. I seriously doubt software filters will be much use with a vector graphics.

* This is a note for skin developers. Because of low memory I also disable skin sprites on the load of a game. So any sprites a skin uses will not show while using the IGM.

* Added analog joystick support (use xbox controller left analog stick). Games like HyperChase should be playable now. You can turn this "off" in each games configuration menu. This will make it easier to configure the controller with games that do not really need analog and that have annoying button layouts

* Slight improvement in speed so sound should be better in some games.

* To Do *

* Allow activation of the 3d Imager? Probably no point if you need special equipment for it to be useful. Will this work with normal 3d glasses?

* Add option for Antialiased vectors (Yes/No)?

* Add option for Flicker (0 - 100% ) ?

* Add option for Beam Width ( 1 - 16 in 0.05 increments) ?

* Cheat system needs checking it should be working.

* Should I enable predefined controllers / config DB? (some games use funky setups)

XVectrex Readme Version 1b1
* Fixed a bug where if you start a game, press start, display the file list and press start again the emu would get stuck in a loop.

* Added Analog joystick support (use xbox controller left analog stick). Games like HyperChase should be playable now.

* Xbox controller 2 (in port 2) is now supported for two player goodness.

* Fixed issue where sound was still a little off (compared to Dingo port).

* Fixed issue where some of the pixels on the right edge of the game screen were being chopped off.

link for messtrex v1b02(roms included)


link for xvectrex v1b1(roms included)

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