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DesmumeX v0.85 (new update)


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DesmumeX v0.85
by hcf


This is a new release of DesmumeX, the Nintendo DS emulator for Xbox. It includes several small new features that can be very usefull, and I think that this can be considered the first stable release of DesmumeX. So, this is a good moment to start building the compatibility list!

what is new
DesmumeX v0.85 has some important new features:

* The "Limit to 60 FPS" functionality has been finally fixed. Now we can play at the exact proper speed to all the games that ran too fast, like Yoshi Island!. Use the "Limit to 60 FPS - Desmume" option in the configuration settings, as it is the best choice now.

* The firmware language can now be changed. This is mandatory if we want to play several multi-language games in a language different than English (Spanish, French, German and Italian).

* A memory optimization has been done, and now we have around 4 free additional MB of RAM. In this way, we can play some games that crashed due to lack of RAM.

* Pressing the Left Thumbstick, we can toggle displaying information about the Frames-per-second, and the Free Available Memory. Displaying the Free Available Memory is very usefull in some games that waste more and more memory over the time (Professor Layton!). These games crashed after being played for a long time... but if we are seeing the available amount of RAM, we can just save the game when we have 1 MB or less. We don't need to be saving the game all the time anymore!

* With the combination of the 2 points above (more free RAM, and displayed free RAM) we can play those games that waste infinite memory for a long time, and also we know when the game is near to crash, to simply save the game and reset it.

* Speed has been slightly increased, due to several small optimizations.


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