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EmuDX games

Ciro Consentino

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if you have the emudx files it will ask if you want emudx support when loading a game which has support for them.

The list of games is rather short anyway, just look at the available files in the extras section.

Now it will also warn you when the game has only emudx sound and you don't have the emudx files to tell you that you will hear nothing, but it's not released yet.

From memory : puckman (maybe with some clones if they don't change the levels), mspacman, dkong (and dkongjp), galaxian, frogger.


How it works well it just uses user files instead of the original sprites or sounds. Plus some more graphics effects sometimes like optional transparency for pacman ghosts. It was made by Mike Green originally, I thought it was too bad to let this disappear so I proposed to merge the functionality, he accepted and voila. Too bad no more games were made but it actually requires a lot of work and it's hard to make it right.

The best one is probably frogger (in my opinion), followed by dkong, and the worst galaxian.

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