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Hi, Tux. Thanks for the maintenance release.

I’ve come across some graphics glitches in Marvel vs. Capcom. Take a look:

Here’s a savestate before we fight Onslaught so that you can check it: http://www.4shared.com/file/oTi45F_Pce/mvsc.html

I don’t know if it matters, but I’m using transparency effects and the SABR shader.

By the way, I’m getting this message when trying to use the Curvature.OpenGL shader:

When I return to the shaders options, it shows “None”, so I guess it didn’t work. Is this a problem in Raine or in the shader?

Still talking about the shaders, is there a key to cycle through the shaders, showing their names? It would be a nice feature to quickly check their effects!

Finally, I noticed the blend files are the only supported files which don’t have their folder created by default, no? So I’d like to know if you could add it in the next releases, maybe just to point new users where the blend files should go. It would also save us the job of creating it on a new install/unzip.

And one last thing, there’s that old request left of checking the raster glitch in KOF’94’s Japan stage. I guess this is very unimportant, but if you are motivated and if you find it easy to fix, why not? Perhaps it could benefit some other game more significantly.

Here’s a savestate right before the Japan Stage shows: http://www.4shared.com/file/_c_VOCX_ce/ncd_kof94.html

The glitch happens when the ground becomes black at the end of the camera movement over the street (moving to the fighters’ direction) when the stage begins (it’s actually the stage animation).

Here’s a screen capture:

It doesn’t happen in FBA nor in the real NGCD console as you can see in this video (please skip to 24:00 to check it quickly):

That’s my quick feedback for now. Thank you so much in advance for your great time and attention.

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I had a look at this kof94 issue because it looked like some easy cliping error, but there is nothing easy left in this driver now !

Actually at this point the y coordinate suddenly becomes < 0, and it goes through quite a lot of transformations necessary for some specific drivers.

Touching this thing is quite dangerous.

The good solution would be to rewrite this part entirely, but it's no easy task... I'll think about it ! (not sure it's worth to take the risk to break everything just to fix this small annoyance... but maybe it's possible, I'll see).

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Hi, Tux! Thanks a lot for copying my post and especially for keeping this great project alive. :msncry::praiseyou:


I guess I've found out another bug. I started playing Final Fight for CPS1 and then remembered I had to turn on free play in the dipswitches. I turned it on but when I returned to the game it didn't take effect. It also happened with Magic Sword.


It seems that CPS1 dipswitches are not taking immediate effect when activated within the game, when I think they should, no?


Finally, I'm having 40fps in fullscreen when using the SABR shader. Is it a limitation of my videocard (Intel integrated graphics HD 3000 on a laptop) or is it a problem of this shader?


That's it for now.


Thank you in advance for your time and, again, for keeping supporting the project.

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For the dsw no it depends on the machine emulated, a lot of them only read these dsw at boot and after that they ignore them, so you need to reset the game after changing the dsw in this case.

Now I am not 100% sure that all the dipswitches are correct but final fight should be correct normally.


For the shader, yeah the intel integrated card is not renowed for its speed, try some other shader or try to disable the shader entierely...


Hello again in this new place, by the way ! :)

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The good solution would be to rewrite this part entirely, but it's no easy task... I'll think about it ! (not sure it's worth to take the risk to break everything just to fix this small annoyance... but maybe it's possible, I'll see).

Oh, thanks a lot for taking the time to investigate this.


Just out of curiosity I went to try it on the NeoGeo CDZ emulator and like FBA this glitch didn't show there either. NGCDZ emulator is a NGCDZ-system only emulator and really not user-friendly (only supports the tosec image format, so I had to download the KOF94 tosec iso again to test). It's closed source and abandoned since 2005. I don't know if it shares the Mame code.


But you're right, maybe it's not worth to do it if it's just* to fix this little nuisance.


Thank you anyway for your great support.


*at least the only we know so far.

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afaik neogeo cdz uses some original code, and the psp version was open sourced !

Anyway I might try that later, it should be possible, just very dangerous !


For your hd3000, it seems it supports hardware shaders (from wikipedia). Some intel cards had software support for shaders which was extremely slow, so at least this one is better, maybe you just found a shader it doesn't like.... or the card is still slow maybe !

(by the way I just upgraded my system, it's not for raine, it's just that i lost again too much time testing mods in skyrim and I hit the limit of my system there. Since prices on ram and on graphics cards are very low now, I upgraded. I doubled the ram for 1/3 of the price I had paid this same ram a few years ago !).

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Yeah after some more time on this one, it's the limit of a hack here which allows neodrift (among others) to work.

If you tune this hack so that the scene in this kof94 intro is not clipped, then neodrift doesn't work correctly anymore !


You could say "get rid of the hacks". Yeah well easier said than done, mame uses a full rom of zoom data here, and I don't want to use a full rom for that.

Without the rom apparently the only thing which works so far is a collection of hacks... maybe there is something better to do than that, but it's not easy to find.

Maybe later, but not today ! ;-)

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