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Final Burn Legends v1.20 (new update)


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Final Burn Legends v1.20
by gamezfan


new games added
Congo Bongo
Donkey Kong Pauline Edition (Hack)
Future Spy
Super Zaxxon

With some additional advice from Madmab i have now fixed all the Rom Filtering
all Roms sort correctly and wont crash the Emulator also added a new Filter
for Data East based games

new fbl sample player
Added support for the FBA sample player to FBL this adds 100% sound to
the following games.....

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong All hack versions
Donkey Kong Jr
Congo Bongo
Future Spy
New Rally-X
Mario Bros (Imperfect sound)
Masao (Bootleg of Mario Bros)
Space Invaders
Super Zaxxon

misc fixes
Sorted the Rom Loading in all the clone versions of Galaga
so they no longer get stuck in dip on boot

fba team fixes ported to fbl
IQ_132 kindly handed me some code to fix the palette problems
in the zaxxon driver all games now have the correct colours

link for emulator


new fbl samples included in the download.

link to download new roms added to final burn legends v1.20
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