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pcsxr 360 2.0.8 (new update)

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pcsxr 360 2.0.8
ps1 emulator for jtag/rgh xbox 360.


* Pcsxr-360-2.0.8

Since some people still don't know what is this, here's a brief explanation ^^

Pcsxr-360 is a emulator that allows you to play psx games(iso, bin/cue, img format) on a rgh/hacked xbox360. You can launch the emulator using the freestyle dash. If you have some troubles to use Pcsxr-360 with more recent versions of freestyle, try use a older version.
The emulator works very well for me using freestyle 3.0B Revision 483.

The emulator was ported by ced2911 that made the first stable release using the last pcsx reloaded soure code. A first unnoficial version was made by dreamboy. Later versions was made by cmkn1983.

So here's the most recent version guys.

* Pcsxr-360-2.0.8 features:

- Reverted back to the old spu source code in the new cdr build. Overall emulation stability is better than sound effects :P

- Fixed some thread gpu problems in games that have some fmv/cg errors when the thread gpu is on( tested Alladin, Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross) as well some games with glitches( Moto Racer).

- Auto Region detection is always set to on. This will fix most sound problems on PAL games.

- Added ced2911 virtual memory for better speed on games that don't work with dynarec( lode runner, tekken2, brigandine, syphon filter 1). Treasure of the deep is the only game i tested that doesn't work with the virtual memory, so i made a option on game profile options to disable this feature.

- Added ced code for small/standart TVs.

- Added a better gameguide with full screen text. Finally.^^


- Copy any text on notepad. Before save the file, remember to set the encoding to "Unicode Big Endian" format.


- EX: "Alundra.bin" on "games" folder, "Alundra.bin.txt" on "gameguides" folder and "Alundra.bin.jpg on "covers" folder.

* Issues / Bugs:

- There some games that have slowdows when the threaded gpu is on. Try disable this option and load the game again.

- Sometimes, a kind of japanese letters with glitches, will appear in the end of the game guide text , and i don't know why :( but most of time it will not happen, and even if happen you can read all the game with no problems.

- Some games keeps playing the sound in the background even if you go to the osd menu. I know. This bug is pretty annoying :( I tried fix this problem sometime ago but don't worked.

- Cdda games have problems to load states when the virtual memory is on. Use "Disable Virtual Memory" to play cdda games.



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Hey there. Noob here! So, I downloaded the content and copied to the HD, but when I try to run the emulator, I get stuck on a screen with what looks to be a folder in the left hand side of the screen and the following options at the bottom: "X" change cover mode; "Y" setup game profile; "B" load profile settings


My console completely freezes at this point and I'm forced to manually reboot.


Can you PLEASE help?

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